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Who We Are

About Pension Investors Corporation

Pension Investors Corporation is an independently owned pension company founded in 1970 by our Chairman, Lawrence Wiener. Operating under the management team of Donna Teat and Kevin Glueck, we are one of the largest independent pension companies in the state, working closely with over 1,700 Florida employers, professionals and their business advisors. We have earned a reputation as a resource to CPAs and other financial advisors through the ongoing for-credit courses we conduct toward their professional education and continued licensure. Our focus was, and remains, personalized service, delivered by credentialed financial professionals. Pension Investors Corporation offers plan sponsors a full range of services - from retirement and benefit plan design through plan administration, government compliance testing, actuarial services and annual reporting. We partner with you to create the benefit plan that's appropriate for your firm, whether it's a 401(k) plan, pension plan, or even a cafeteria plan. We do not use a cookie cutter approach, because we know our clients are all different and their needs are unique. We listen carefully to what you want and tailor the plan to meet your needs and your budget.


All Types of Plans for Every Type of Business
Pension Investors Corporation services every category of business entity - S Corporations, C Corporations, Professional Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, Not-For-Profits, Municipalities, Unions - with all types and formats of plans. We have also developed plan variations of our own, in response to identified market needs. Here is a sampler of some of the more popular types of plans:

Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans
    • Traditional Defined Benefit Plan
    • Cash Balance Plan
  • Defined Contribution Plans
    • Traditional and Non-Traditional Profit Sharing Plans
      • Cross-tested
      • Integrated
    • Stock Bonus Plan
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
    • Cash or Deferred Section 401 (k) Plan
    • Money Purchase Pension Plan
    • Target Benefit Pension Plan
  • DB/DC Combination Plans
  • Fully Insured Defined Benefit Pension Plan (Insured through an Insurance Company Fixed Rate Account)

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans

  • Non-qualified retirement plans of every category and type.

Pension Investors' Innovations

  • Insured Retirement Guarantee Plan (Insured through an Insurance Company Fixed Rate Account)
  • Retirement payments for selected employees together with tax benefits for the business and the employee.
  • Small Employer/Employee Stock Ownership Plan (SE/ESOP). Similar to an ESOP, but contoured to the benefit requirements and budget of the smaller Florida business.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Let us show you how our experience can help you address your retirement goals. Contact us.